Four Days Trip to Medan

Senin, Oktober 20, 2014

So, here's the drama BEFORE I went to Medan...

As you know, I have been living my ass down here in Jekardah for four months (and still counting; sounds like a relationship -_-) already. It was a life-changing situation that left me at awe because it was like 'plop' sound you made when your poop hit the water. Fast. I never dream coming nor living in here. If you want to feel it, then the best imagination is when you can't believe a super fast power ranger transforming in front of you and taking charge of saving the whole world. DUH.

Everyone have their own reaction. Me too.
I do not know how other will react when the same situation occur to her/him.
But I'm fucked up. Literally.

Not that fucked up when you go gothic, emo, or gaga and then cut yourself and drink your own blood. No. It just an out-of-nowhere word that unknowingly fit every damned phrase I am writing. Like now. When I mess the fuck up. Just the word, which surprisingly making you feel good even though you know it is bad. Hella right?

As any other girl who write this on their facts, me too, also love surprise. Who doesn't like ta-da ta-da gotcha moment? It's so sweet!

And just so you know, I am a girl who is in love with 'moments' even though I always ended up in a mess. Just, this kinda-kinda thing. I love it when we cheer together, I love it when we barbeque together, I love it when we support each other, I love it when we go to karaoke together and I love it when we take any photo of those. I just think that it is a must for us to cheer and support our team. I still don't get it why people often mind their own business when their team are on struggle. Like when your school are having a sport match with others, or when your workplace are having a competition, etc. Isn't it appropriate for us to give something as simple as 'Fighting'?

The main point of that bullshit is ... loyalty.

I know we can't be forever loyal. I also think it is absurd when couples put caption like this on their pictures or status:  "Love you forever and always. Can't live without you. To the moon and back." Plus the lope-lope hastags. I always wonder what will happen to those photos when those two ended up fought and separated? What happen to those forever and always, to the moon and back, #love #couple #date, and the boys-girls-love emoticon?

But I know that at least we can give a shot, can't we?

Like when I am so proud of being a MARS, part of SEALNet, or worker of Multi Toys (still on proggess: graduated from UBM). All of those name have each story attached. One is got-dumped-to-plus-class-and-felt-the-most-stupid-student, then trying-to-not-being-a-coward, and blahblahblah. Even though not all the stories smell good, but I am already a part. And being a part means I have my names stained on them. Wherever I am going, I am a MARS, I am a SEALNet, I am a Multi, I am a biemers. Idiot enough, let's brace myself and greet the world. Act as if I am preciously holding their eblem. Like soldier of north-korea.


I am actually writing all those things just to explain that... I DON'T WANT A SUDDEN LIFE-CHANGING MOVED OUT! I want a 'good-bye' party like when I throw it to my friend who was leaving to Singapore. I want to greet my friend before I hit the road on Jakarta. A simple but complicated.

The diagram of what happened is ...

BEFORE GOING BACK TO MEDAN: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
IN MEDAN: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
AFTER GOING BACK TO MEDAN: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

When I am still in Jakarta, I spammed my group for: "I WANNA BE BACK TO MEDAN!"
And my friends replied, "WHEN WILL YOU BE BACK?!"
The other replied, "INFINITE DAYS TO MEDAN."

With that reply, I am really waiting the days come to fulfill my promise. The promise to be back to Medan when we are asked to take SKHUN. And the promise to meet up with them. From the bottom of my heart, you should already know what I have wanted.

Then, the time have arrived. After I have been 'rotting' myself to my constant life here, the message come. We can FINALLY take our certificate. I was speechless.

WHY WON'T I? We got the info one week or so before the due date!!

I was sitting inside the stand when suddenly I saw the jerukbulat updated her status.

I told my mom that I want to go back to Medan to sort my things there. Then, my mom said to me that she want to asked the school whether she can take charge of me. I already knew the answer before she called my school. That she can be the one taking my SKHUN. That I should not spend my one-month money for the tickets. That I should stayed where I stay and only come back when it's necessary.

After my mom called the school, that night she called me. I, who already know the answer, thought that I can suppress my feeling. But, hellakoreagirl, my mom asked whether I am sleepy because my voice sounded... ... sleepy(?) That was caused of me trying hard not to cry on the phone. I was pressuring myself not to break that moment.

My mom said, "You don't have to go back to Medan. It's meaningless. I can replace your position on taking the certificate you need. Cin bo i su a, da.... (It's really meaningless a, da)"

I said with teary eyes, "But I want to meet my friends!" to the point that it is okay I'm leaving and living alone in Medan without my family. (because my mom and my sister were going to Batam at that time)

My mom then talked to my sister, "Dada (my name), wants to go home a..."

Then I felt so lonely laying myself on the bed. I felt that "wants to go home" words are so lonely, so sad, so dramatic.

My mom later said okay, and she let me go home.

I put down the phone and then cried.

Spending my four days on Medan is a sacrifice. It's not an easy get-away. It's not a 'Ah, I'll go home' and then I go home. There's drama on it.

When I first told my Dad I wanted to go back to Medan, he only said 'Okay then.' I thought there's no problem on it. I also think that it is weird that Dad didn't go gaga when I told him that. But later I found out, my parents had another fight because of those ticket.

Four days are long enough days I had. I planned to only take three days out from my office. But, after discussing with my mom, we decided with 4 days. So that I can spend good times in my hometown. It means that I have to took three days off my job and two days off my university. I would be missing so much thing. My work would piled up and there would be a gap on my studies. But that didn't stop me from leaving. I am still faithful on going to Medan, even though it's sound unnecessary.

I placed my ticket order online, using a travel platform. I swarmed through their website and ordered the tickets. It took me a while. I got the hoverfinger, whether to click the OK button or not. I didn't double check my order and literally closed my eyes and click OK.

Well, let me warned you to always double check your order online. Because you might miss something.

And I miss that.

I, undoubtedly clumsy, choosing my plane date to 18 September departure and 19 September arrival. 

When I printed the paper and looked over the date, my hands are getting wet. I am (literally) getting hot. I made such a CLUMSY mistake!!!!! Who idiot enough to ... ... ... placed that kind of ticket?! Me enough...

Seriously, I don't usually sweat, but when I do, it because I made a terrible mistake.

I quickly get my stuff, click everything I could to find the solutions. It turned out that, I called the plane company and they said that I can't refund my ticket but I can re-schedule my flight. I only ordered it about 15 minutes ago but I can't freely change my schedule nor do can I cancel my flight...

This situation is just like what my cousin said, with his beard, and his small kuachi eyes, "Life is tough. Deal with it." Then he laughed (which I think is cute at some point, but annoying at the other point)

I rushed downstairs and called the flight company. They said I have to pay an extra cash to re-schedule my flight. I... who was still a kid, can only said okay. So, after about 15 minutes arguing with the flight company, I tried to transfer my money to them. I was already a mess and the internet connection is ... ... super flexibly cutely endearingly making me point my phone to every corner just to find the right spot where there is internet connection. I go upstairs and sat right beside the wi-fi spot, but got no internet. Then I go to the stair and wait there for a miracle to happen. But there's no miracle. Then I go back to my room and grab my card so that I can transfer the money via ATM. I thought I should have done this earlier! rather than rushing my ass to every corner searching for internet. Because it is already night, the door is already locked. So, I grabbed the key and unlocked the door. I went to the nearest indomaret to meet ATM. And when I met it. . . my hearts skip a beat. WHAT THE HELL?!!!!!! OF ALL DAY, OF ALL TIME, OF ALL ETERNITY, WHY DID THE ATM MACHINE HAD TO BROKE WHEN I NEEDED IT THE MOST?! WHY?! TELL ME WHY? WHY IS THIS SO DRAMATIC! GEEZ. I went back home empty handed. Then, I sat on the dinner table to calm myself down and re-tried my mobile banking. After a while struggling with the internet, it succeed.

Thankyou so much BCA for the drama feeling you gave to me. I felt like an actress...



Just so you know, I thought four days will be enough time for me to break-free from my boring cycle on Jakarta, however the truth is all those days flew like nothing have ever before...

When I arrived, my mind was still clear and vivid: I still remember all those streets, all those stalls, all those people. Not that I expected to be an amnesia girl, but it just seems right that I am there. Like... how can I describe that feeling...? It's like... ... Yeah... That.

Want to know the first meal I ate in Medan?


Like I said on my previous post, there's no better soto other than soto Medan. Not even coto makassar, or soto bekasi.

YEAH. I wanted to eat many many lots lots of food. But you get my point right? Even though I wanted to eat all of the food in Medan, I can't get enough. I mean, that's a lot. I am pretty sure that even a person who have lived 20 years in Medan wouldn't get to eat all of Medan food, it's high quality restaurant, cool bars, cozy cafe, or kelopi street food. I am 100% sure.

Anyway, I just remembered the phrase I really love from my friend, most Medanese always search this thing: You chi, you phi, you kelopi. It means: fresh (yummy), cheap, yet street-food. LOL.

But I really love coming to Medan to satisify my tummy. Because... IT REALLY DOES SATISFY ME, at the moment I ate them.

I visited Pasar Rame which was my most visited place in Medan. Back in school, I always go there to walk around and buy stuffs. From clothes, to cutey hair accessories, and of course, EAT! You must be kidding if you said you have already go to Pasar Rame but didn't taste the Sate Padang! I am gonna laugh at you. BECAUSE IT'S SO DELICIOUS, MOUTH-WATERING SATAY EVER. It's located near the front gate of Pasar Rame (the gate that connected to Thamrin Plaza). You must know that sometimes other sate padang seller would parked there as if they are the renowned one, but take note that the one I am talking about has many underlings, and the place is always crowded. Hehe... If you did go to Pasar Rame, make sure you eat that.

Aside of Sate Padang, I have always eat BAKSO near the place. It's located on the back of Thamrin Plaza, out of the parking lot for motorcycle. It's a simple place with no significant decorating, or lovable air conditioner. The reason why I love to go there, is ... just because I love Bakso. We can choose between mie, bihun, kwetiau, or indomie, and there is also a big bakso which has egg inside of it. So, basically, in one bowl, you will get a mie, fried tahu, some mini bakso, big bakso, and a mini plate of red kerupuk. If you want to add more flavor, you could ask for a bumbu indomie. But, I have never add that, because the soup itself is already contained lots of MSG. (I know the fact that the soup is super tasty because the MSG, no need to explain) My sister always add the bumbu indomie, which I don't understand. I don't really recommended you to eat there because there are many more yummy stands instead of this one. Like the beef bakso on Bakso Sapi Sumatera, or Bakso Lebong. Ah~ There are so many tasty yummy tummy hohohoho

Okay, so to tell you the truth... This homecoming didn't really match my hope.

I thought my friend will be willing to come and share some cup of tea. We'd be sharing lots of story we'd missed. We'd go around the city as if to reminiscence old nostalgia.

Unfortunately, that kind of thing did not really exists.

I meant, I really did have a short meetup with my friends. But it did not meet my expectations. I told my friends that I am coming, and I am really excited about the news. But when I asked them to hangout, it's so hard. I knew I am selfish, but can't I be selfish for just a few days in Medan? It's not like I am so free to go back and forth to Medan like Nikitakusuma did. You've read the 'hardship' I've gone through just for four days leave on Medan. It's not that simple. I just wanna meet my friends, laugh, chat, take a photo together and then brag it on instagram or any social media.

When I asked them, one said he/she was too busy because of college stuff. Other said he/she was too busy because of work. Other said he/she didn't have someone to drop her/him off. And when that reply come, I honestly thought about how I left my work and my study to go to visit them. Then, what's their reply? When I am already sacrifice those for them, can't they sacrifice it to for me? I am sorry for being so cliche right then, isn't it natural for me to hope for more? The situation refrain me from wanting to ask other friends to hangout as well.

However, being the witch I am, I was running late on our planned time. Yeah, I am late. Screwed the rain on the morning which postpone my photo shoot time. Yes, I had a photo shoot with my sister and her friends. Not a specific photo shoot, but just for fun one. It took place at somewhere near the way you would go to Brastagi. Yes, it's far away. I only took three or four photo and then the rain pour. What a good day, I thought. I regret it that I didn't have the best photo outcome that day. And I felt so pissed off when the photographer said my shot wasn't bad at all. (It's pissing me off! even though the whole session really wasn't that great either)

Anyway, I shed tear that Sunday. When we're about to go to the photo shoot place, one of the photographer which is my friend's brother took out a paper and gave it to me. The moment I saw the paper, tears just come out naturally from my eyes. That moment, the dam I'd build inside me broke along with the silence cries. I felt so much emotion by the paper. You would be laughing when you see the paper, but I'm not kidding when I said I am so touched by it.

Entering the week of test, he come to rescue! Super thanks for Gray's sexy chocolate abs, perfectly (read: pervertly) drawn by @cindy_tn96 But seriously, how can I keep calm while belai-ing (not to mention, drooling) that abs! *-*)9 Anyway, Happy birthday girl! Keep that awesome spirits!! ;;) #pervy #Gray #hahaha #teplak

It is a draw of Gray's undeniable sexy abs.

It written: Stressed because of piled up homework? Stressed because the test is near? GOOD NEWS!! Now there's a solution! Caress Gray's body! Guaranteed for stress reliever! FEEL FREE TO CARESS --->

or in Indonesian...

Stress karena tugas menumpuk?
Stress karena ujian sudah mendekat?
Sekarang sudah ada SOLUSInya
memBELAI tubuh GRAY!!
dijamin Ampuh menghilangkan stress!!!


Muahahaaha!! You are free to wonder how perverted I am. . . 
His abs is so awesome right? 
Imagine those K-drama where the male lead naked in the shower while purposely showing his abs and muscular body! Oh... you know you are captivated as well, aight?

Anyway, if you don't know who is Gray, I am gonna explain a bit. 
So, Gray is a character from anime called Fairy Tail. He is a magician specialized on Ice-make. He is mostly half-naked on the anime because he has already get used to it. (He was taught to withstand the snow breeze with no clothes when child) To be honest, Gray was much cooler than Natsu, more handsome too. Hehehe... 

So, I was so touched when I received his abs drawing that I remained silent for the rest of the ride. It's a miss that she couldn't join us. Her brother was there too. . . Aih...

Anyway, because of the photoshoot, I was late about one hour or more. My friend called saying that YoonHo have to go soon. Oh yeah, YoonHo are going to Jakarta too. But he had a different flight time from mine. I was sincerely giving up my hope to meet all of them. But fortunately, YoonHo was generous enough to wait for me even though he might be missing his train. I am so thankful for YoonHo. :D

When I arrived at Centre Point, I almost missed the time. YoonHo were just about to leave. Fortunately, we were still able to take some photos. I said to YoonHo that we must hangout in Jakarta when he was about to go. (But the realization is I can't go myself, how ridiculous it is huh) After that, there's me, CL, Aeng, and my sister, we hangout a bit at a mini cafe near CP. 

The time came when my Mom busily calling us to go home early. I don't know why she busily chasing us when we still had more time! I bid my goodbye to them and go home. 

Mom was super busy... I kind of irritated. I purposely find the night plane so I can have more time in Medan, but Mom pushed me to go fast as if I go to the airplane faster, I would be on Jakarta faster too. -_- The whole situation made me be early one hour. -_-

And so, I arrived back to Jakarta. And the memories of me being in Medan flew away like a vapor.

Anyway, thankyou guys for spending your time with me. :"D
Next time, I will ask many friends to hangout as well! :D


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