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Senin, Juni 09, 2014

When I was going back from celebrating my early birthday (which will be posted soon), I received an email about an Anonymous post a comment on my blog.

Believe me, I was so happy that I should play 'Summer' song by Calvin Harris and put my head outside the car.

I don't know who you are, but thank you for leaving a comment. It did make me forget the annoyed feeling I had already gone through that day. Okay, I rarely got this kind of comment ever, so I kind of go GAGA. Fortunately, it was already dark when I received the email, so nobody is watching my absurd expression.

"Is this blog have no update anymore? Too bad, this blog is kinda fun to read, and im kinda excited to know about this blogger new story.. I just hope that she's okay.. and nothing bad happened that make her stop writing."

I am honestly happy receiving comment like this. But when I think about it again... I am bewildered.

Why do you write it as if I would shut this blog down?
And what's with 'nothing bad happened that make her stop writing'?

You're scaring me...

I will keep updating my blog, I won't shut it down. In fact, I always write my hope to keep this blog running. What am I, to just shutting this blog without any notice? I am a human with sense of bloggerity(?), you know? If I don't update my blog, that might mean that I am busy or did not have any inspiration to write. As simple as that.

And, I am okay. Just tired, like how I explained it on my previous post. Nothing bad happened to me that make me stop writing, dear. Don't scare me, please.

Then, another Anonymous commented, "maybe she's to tired to write.. On some part she did says that her work is really too much and boring. Kinda hope that she keep writing tho"

And I was like, "Huh? Pardon?"

Did I ever say, I mean, write that my work is really too much and boring? Did I? Or am I struck with temporary amnesia? I am bewildered.

Well, it is true that in recent days I had to work overtime because there are so much job to rush. I always got home at seven or even nine. My body aches. I could not sleep before twelve. And I had nosebleed two times. But saying that my work is too much is a little bit ... less cool. It's better to say that I'm a busy girl. LOL.

And if I ever say that my work is boring, emm... on particular, yes...Like those times on high school, you think school is so boring. But is school really boring? Actually, there are gossips and even unimaginable things happen in my workplace that I could drop my jaw murmuring, "Oh, is that even true?" So, my work is not that boring.

Anyway, thank you again for you wishing me to keep writing. I am touched.
I'll cry if you want me to. Just kidding.

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  1. Whoa im really glad that you are okay, I tho that you are sick or something so you can't update..

    Im just worried that's all..

    But it kinda intrigues me..
    You say you dont have any inspiration.. but in fact since you are working now you have sooooo many new inspiration!

    Talk about the work itself, talk about the condition, tell us about the people!

    Writing about the people especially help your writing skills for making a great novel.


    Because you need to analyze a person and pour the personality into a word. And that was not an easy task, but well worth it.

    Trust me on this.

    And please update more! Gradually you become better and better on telling what you really feel.

    I believe there is other people than me that interested on your life, and how you tell the story. And I believe the more you write the more people gonna read this blog and more people gonna comment.

    I really wish to know you in real life. But for now it just good reading your story. I hope our destiny intertwined each other one day.