Am So Captivated

Kamis, April 24, 2014

So, I browsed the internet ( Instagram to be exact) and found those two gorgeous girl - @elleyamada and @jessyamada. The first time I saw them, I didn't overreact. I just thought, "Oh, they are beautiful" Just that. But, after I did some stalking moment last night and also this morning, I fell for them.

They are so pretty. You might say their beauty are fake, because they use make up, fake lashes, contact lenses, dyed hair, etc. But that seems okay to me. Because they look naturally beauty. If you said they use make up, yes they did, but not as heavy and packed as Kardashian did. If you said they used contact lenses, yes they did, I did too. Because contact lenses is common. If you said they dyed their hair, well, even if they use black wig they still look stunning. In my eyes, they look like doll.

I envy them so much. Especially after I read the letter Elle wrote for Jess. And gowigasa.

I love them not only because of that but also their blog. I look like a freak right now. But, as much as I want to hide it, it's still fascinate me that they had run their blog from 2011 and now. How many years is that! When you look into their blog, you get to see their change. From the hair, the style of writing, photos, appearance, it's cute seeing transformation. LOL.

Elle and Jess look so close together! They are like friends. Well, I also have a sister. We often have a quarrel, mostly because of me and my selfish mistake. Sometimes we would fight hard. But as much as I hate her through the fight, we are still sisters and we would get along again. She often borrow me clothes and I often use her stuff. (Pain in the ass? yep I know that already) She is the one who give me the most life teaching, good and bad. (She is the one who made me speak Indonesian until now. And she is the one who let me know that her childhood memories wasn't as good as mine and that I should be thankful)

Talking about gowigasa, I also have my own online store! I have recently open my own business called oparfait. Right now it's focusing on shoes only. I made my sister helped me as oparfait admin. Which unfortunately didn't give much help because nobody contact her :'((( Yeah, I know that it is still a long journey for us to be big. But I hope we could like how gowigasa had grown up. I worked hard for that (expanding my online store). Spend my data plan up to 10gb per month (also used for my dramafreaksdownload), do research (yeah, I do) and observing the trends. I wished my hard work could pay off and be rich. Wish me fortune!

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