Actually you're good, but

Jumat, November 29, 2013


tangan gak jelas banget

berkas-berkas antena mengintip dari belakang rambut

my mom says it's grandma lips, zzz

no duck face, eh

Because truth is often shocking and unacceptable, one will choose to lie rather than to tell honesty. To be accepted in the world, people have to adjust themselves to the surrounding. And there're couple of times when they have to forget what's good and what's bad. In order to live without scandal or trouble, it is easier for them to do just what societies want other than what they really want. 

You know why it is hard for one to do the things he/she REALLY likes? 

For instance, look Miley Cyrus. 

She did what she want. 
But people can't accept her just then. They criticized her as if she is a real crazy woman.
The once good Hannah Montana now become a Twerker. It's SHOCKING, and disappointing for some people including me. She is a wild girl now; cut her hair like a boy, flash her body, and pose like a minx. 

It's a really different side of her! She is phenomenal!

See? She did the things she likes. Dia keluar dari zona amannya, membuat sensasi, menjadikan dirinya berada di tengah sorotan mata orang-orang. Tapi, begitu dia berubah menjadi penyanyi Wrecking Ball, hidupnya menjadi penuh oleh cercaan. Ada begitu banyak cacian yang tertuju pada Miley. Tapi... dia gak mundur. That's it! Walaupun banyak orang menganggapnya gila, aneh, apalah, tapi dia tetap begitu-begitu aja. Dia sudah mengambil resiko untuk berubah dan dia mempertahankan dirinya sendiri. Dalam kata lain, dia sudah cukup 'sukses' untuk menjadi 'dirinya sendiri' (kalau itu benar-benar apa yang dia inginkan)

*entah ngomong apa* *tibatiba bingung sendiri*


Someone said this, "You're pretty but... weird at the same time."

Really...? I was like, "Ehmm... this is the 'me' I like. This is the 'me' I wanted to be. This is meeee. Heck."

Because of some circumstances that happened in the past, I can't be what people called innocent girl. No. Certainly, not. I am too far away to back and grab that badge. This mind of mine has already contaminated with stuff you won't want to know. I see too much, I seek too much, I know too much. Remember that it's not always a good thing for 'too much'. Something's too much is bad. Like too much blood, too much fat, too much finger, that's not good. Even too much love is poison! Because I am too much, I am not good. Because it's too much, it failed to undo. There's no restart button or ctrl+z I could press. 

Maybe I can format myself by smashing my head to solid rocks and then passed out. When I woke up, I won't remember anybody, anything, any memories and any scenes. But how hard I should smashed myself? So hard until my head bled, or until it broken so that all my memories disappeared into the trash bin?

Someone asked this, "Have you ever watch the-four-letter-word-with-n-letter-in-the-end ?"

I can't answer that right away. I think and think, should I really answer that question with utmost sincerity or just lie ahead? Unfortunately, I think of no answer, so I said 'What do you think? Do you think I watched that?" 

I can't. I can't say the truth. Because if I said it and saw the expressions that was drawn on the face, I would feel betrayed. Then, I would be alone. Because it's unacceptable. Because it's unimaginable. Because it's just too much. Too much means obesity. Obesity is bad. Too much is bad.


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