New Lenses!

Rabu, Mei 01, 2013

So . . .

I bought a new brown-colored lenses with X2-Pop brand (the one with Agnes Monica as its mascot).

Actually, this is not the first but the third time I used lenses.

The first time I used lenses was because I lost my spectacles. My dad told me to use contact lenses, like my sister. Therefore, I agreed and bought a transparent contact. The first time I used contact lenses, it was disaster!! Really!! I tell ya. I am not brave enough to put that lenses on my eyes, until this very day. 

When I bought the lenses, my dad told me to use it on place so that the seller could teach me how to put the lenses. It was already late, about 9 to 10 PM. The shop was about to close, but had to wait for me because I had problem with putting on those lenses! I tried it repeatedly, and I felt so frustrated at that moment because I had pressure all over my side. After a very long time trying, I successfully put it on! However, it's only on one eye, right eye. I had to struggle to put the other lenses on my left-side eye. It was really, really, frustrating to the point I wanted to kick the ground. URGH!

But, after both my eyes had contacts on, I felt so 'WOW'. Because the world looked sharp! Before I used contacts, my surrounding was blurring. After I used contacts, my surrounding became as clear as glass. When we went in to my dad's car, I saw the bright road with its street lamp. It's so cool, especially, I can see as clear as streaming water without using glasses! It's so good. But, of course, need some fight first.

It was my first time experience with contact lenses. Although it's my first, the feeling still remain to my second time and third time. 

I bought another lenses with a grey color after I felt wrong using the transparent one. 


Because I just remembered that. . .
Lenses have two sides; the outside and inside. You should not put it on reverse. 

And I... 
The dumb me had no idea where the front and the back is with that transparent lenses. So when I finally realized that I was wrong, I decided to change it to a colored one. 

When I put the grey lenses on my eyes, I felt kind-of-EW, somewhat gross. Because, I think that my eyes looked so big! I know that big lenses is trending this few years. Everybody likes to use it because it makes your eyes look bigger and appealing. But, I am not included in the count. Those big lenses is definitely not my type. Although it's not really my type, the market only sells that. They rarely sells the normal one nowadays -or so I thought.

gray lenses
with gray lenses
Because of my dislike towards that grey lenses, I did not use it till its expired date. ._.

I decided to use glasses back. At that time, big frame glasses are trending. I went to Optical with my sister. She helped me to decide what kind of frame I would use. She also bought her own glasses. We both chose big frame glasses. Mine is black-red while hers is black-pink. 
big framed glasses
may you rest in peace with lots of kwetiau, bihun, and ifumie. . . my glasses. T^T

I loved my glasses and used it for almost a year. 


It's gone…
After I went out eating with my Dad at one night. 
I left my glasses on food stall!

I don't like eating hot food with my glasses on because the steam will make it dewy(?). So when I ate Cah mie (fried noodles), I took off my glasses and put it on the table. Unfortunately when we done eating and went back home, I forgot to take my glasses back. And voila! I lost my glasses. ._.

. . .

The scene repeats again to the first time I bought contact lenses. I also lost my spectacles at that time and had to buy contact lenses. This time, I also lost my spectacles and have to buy contact lenses. The different is, at that time my dad is the one who paid the lenses while this time I paid it myself. Why? Because I am afraid that if I tell my Dad I lost my glasses in a food stall, he will mad at me. It's not the first time I lost it, so he won't tolerate me (I think).

And so...
I went to Optical with my sister. She apparently was also going to buy contact lenses. We both chose the same brand called X2 but with different colors and of course different minus. While mine is brown-colored and -2.25, hers is gray-colored and -5.00.

brown lenses
with brown lenses. =_=

Although lenses is good, like, I see a clear view without frame blocking...
I still love glasses.

Because my eyes won't get teary when I look at laptop monitor for a long time if I use glasses. Like, you see, when I am about to post something, it will take more than one hour. I like to open my laptop and surf through the internet for some stuff, or maybe play some games till I get bored. That usually takes more than 3 hours, from 6PM to 10PM. HAHAHA. That's why my minus rise! (or raise? wew, this is toefl problem) 

When I use lenses, my eyes not only teary, tired, and sleepy but also painful sometimes. While when I use glasses, yeah, ... it's more secure for I always think a tips about a monitor that should covered by glass so the brightness won't hurt your eyes, a tips like that. 


Anyway, because I will be going to have a semester exam in the end of May, I think I will not update my blog often. I have to increase my sense of learning and studying. I have been a couch potato this few months, so my mind is blank and dusty. If I want to make another dream-wannabe scene (being in the top 10 ranking), I have to study a lot which is the hardest thing to do. ._.b


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