Weird Thinker

Rabu, April 10, 2013

I am a peculiar thinker and an odd dreamer.
I think and imagine a lot.
Whether I am with just myself or with my friends, I'll always do that.

This time, I am going to write about some weird imagination that happens to pop out from my mind during free times. Some of it is from my childhood's mind. While the rest.. . . . just popping out-of-nowhere.

Having an imagination on your mind is not a bad thing. It's a form to increase your creativity and... stupidity. Because you can think what you want, whatever hell it is. Everybody has a vast world of imagination, right? (Even Spongebob is a maniac too!) You can design your own home, enjoy the seven wonder, run in the corn field. All of it, on your mind.

So... I am having that too! A lot, million, zillion times.

Let's. . . begin these absurd thing...!

// Suicide scene.

Let's see...
o Prepare a sauce to make blood stain on the corner of your mouth.
o 1...2...3...Fall to the ground with a loud bang sound.
o Pretend to lose all sense and make an "unconscious state of mind" look on your face.
o Spread your leg in a strange direction. It's better if it look like it's broken.
o Don't face the ceiling but face right or left side.

Then... Let's see the output on the thinker's mind.

I go upstairs because of the loud sound coming from there. It scared me that I see my sister lying on the floor with terrible looks drawn on her face. Her mouth is decorated with blood, her leg is spread in an odd position, her eyes is... looking at me, darting thousand of negative aura and making me to a stunned state.

And... I could do nothing except...

Kick her leg and curse her, "What the fawk are you doing? Get up right now! You are as horrible as those censor ghost movie. -0-"

#ops. The sauce is big fail so just change it to a more realistic fluid, okay? *run*

// End of the World.

This one is not my imagination (?), it's my dream. (I think there's no different)

I exit my room . . .
I am confronted with a red color sky. Our house roof is no longer there, it's gone. 
I look ahead and find a heap on the center of our land. I walk there and . . .
What I see is not from the point of view of the heap. 
It's like I am watching from the sky. I watch myself looking to the red sky. 
There're probably one or two people creeping near the heap where I am standing. They are also confused. 
All the houses have gone and perished, the ground is rough and crumble. 
It's like the end of the world. . . 

// Bee-line writer

This is embarassing... >.,<

There's a time my sister ask for a story. Then I told my friend that my sister want a story and she would give money to them.

And I began to imagine...

There's long line waiting outside my tiny house. They're all carried their own stories hoping that it would be accepted by my sister. And... Obtained the Rp 2000 reward. -_-

. . .

What in the world did I think? Who the poop will struggle over Rp 2000 reward for a story? Even in that time, that amount of money is still considered as a piece of sh1t. -_- Why in the world did I even think?! GAH.

// Chef-wannabe

There're times when I ate alone. . .
Sometimes, I could become nut and talk to myself. Like, "Hmm... This food is good, it's soft and tender, the cut is proportional and clean." or "It's better if it's a bit saltier. The juice is just too much to bear."

. . .

Hehehe... I would even acted like jury and commented the food with, you know, that kind of face when you judge on something. ._.v

Hahaha... The more I write, the more bizarre the story become.
So . . . Let's jump from the 3rd floor together. =_=^


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