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Sabtu, April 27, 2013

I had just found out that many of my school's student each have a blog. I meant, active blog. When I looked at twitter, I saw my not-really-close friend tweet her blog's recent post. It was just then, I began to stalk. Hihihi! *w*

I saw her blog, clicked the archive, and swam around for about five minutes or so. And... actually I was 'Huh? Really?' -almost speechless. The blog's content, honestly, is the less thing I will think. I meant, she posted something that I think is completely different from her image right now. Well, actually, mine is also ... 180 degree different from my real-life character, isn't it? Hehehe ... I am just checking the mirror. *teplak* * embarrassed a little bit*

Anyway, the prominent thing I get from her blog is consistency

As you see, my blog is not update everyday. And it's all depends on my mood. If I have idea to write, I will post one. Or sometimes more than one. But If I have no idea, no imagination, no creation, no function, errr that's it, I won't post any entry. The worst thing is I can have no update for weeks! It's totally worst! THE WORST! 

As for her blog, I saw that she consistently wrote her blog from times to times. October, November, December, January to October and repeat. Maybe if I count it right, it's already three years she keeps her blog alive. 

THAT is my wish! My ultimate wish! *shine bright like a diamond* I do not want to abandon this blog. I intend to keep it as long as I could, so that when I grow up I could read my journey from teenage year, young adult year, to adult year. From when I still study at school to study at college. From when I work as part-time to full-time. From when I am still single to when I have relationship. From my sad, happy, kacau-galau, crazy, moody, bitchy moments. I really wish that I could grow this blog from zero page views to ten page views, then to a hundred page views, and so on till thousand or maybe thousand hundred page views. (That's quiet a high anticipation, LOL)

May this wish come true. . . And forever true. . .

It's true for me. When I was kid, I'd tried to write diary but... failed. Hopefully it's not for this blog ... *crunchy cholocatos laugh*

/ /

Anyway, remember that I have join SEALNET before?

It's an extraordinary extracurricular. ._.b Really.

I had just attend its almost-last-meeting that talked about choosing mentors. (Mentor is person in charge to lead mentee, while mentee is members of the organization)

Last time we were asked to brainstorming an outreach. They split us into two groups. Unfortunately, I was ... in a different group from my friends. What the ____?? They all joined into one group but I was --oh, there is one of my other friend that joined me too-- we were dumped off with another group. HIKS. T^T 

It's good if I could talk, but... I did not spurt out any ideas or comments. I was just laughing and laughing if any of them made funny pose or idea. Ha ha ha. *crunchy laugh* And I was beyond disappointed when they held a meeting but did not invite me. (Well, I think, they thought they had invited me but actually they don't and I was too stubborn to not asking them) Our first idea of going to Bukit Kubu was also vanished into air! It was an idea that took 2 weeks to think about! But it's gone. I got news that they changed it into another one when the meeting occurred. And that made them to rush the progress because they only had one day to plan! What . a. what. I ... urgh. I was so pissed off when I went in front of the class but did nothing except standing and writing "Medan City Tour". At least I did something. -_-* They didn't ask me to do sh1t, because ... after all they are all in one class. So... of course I was like an alien from black-hole and looked like sh1t because I did not do a single sh1t. #HMM... 

warning: Not all #Gemini is like that. I just think that the tweet suits me well, so I post it. 

BUT!! It took me days to finally calm down my nerves and think the problems again. It is my fault not to try participate with them. It is my wrong not to go out and be a speaker. It is my mistake not to ask them when the meeting occur. It is my wrong because I do not have courage. I often hate myself because sometimes I act unreasonably. I mad although it's my fault. And when I think it over again, I deeply regretted every choice I made. Really. I feel want to pull my hair out right now. GRR...

Okay... back to SEALNET again. Choosing mentors.

So... Of course, because my group's presentation is not quite good (they even do not have time to make a power point presentation and used board) they lost. My friend's group won. 

I thought if I lost, I won't be mentor. And if I am not a mentor, I will not join SEALNET next year. I determined it. 

But the president said nothing about 'You cannot be a mentor'. She rather asked who wants to be mentors. They do not want to force us. Then she talked about the job of mentors, what benefit they can get, and types of mentors. There are secretary, treasurer, project manager, publicity manager, documentation, and photography.

As for me, I chose documentation slash (or) publicity manager. The two of them have responsibilities to make our "SEALNET Mading" alive. (I didn't find the English language of Mading, so... yeah) I am dreaming to revive that very unappealing wall-magazines to a marvelous one so that many people will stop and read any kind of thing there is. It's my daydreaming sensation. LOL.

And for once in a lifetime *exaggerating*, I am so happy that I can choose my own choices. I am so proud that I have something that I want, that I choose myself. Because these few months, my friends are quiet busy talking about their future campus and what kind of sector they will choose. I, myself, have no idea for that. Actually I am thinking about being a writer or an *cough* actress *cough* But that is not a really promising career for the future. I am being pessimist now -and always. Anyway, I just do not want to think about college and can not choose anything. For me to be able to choose my own thing in SEALNET, I am happy and yeah... somewhat enjoy it. 


Hey... I would like to say this blog is almost living for one year. . . 
But... NO. ._.

She was born in 28 November 2012. That's means my blog has run for only five months. . . Half-year.

It's still a long road for Olice to go through. 
(Hey, I like the word Olice more than Alice. Maybe because Alice is too mainstream, while Olice is more unique. Kekekeke.)

I am also thinking about my *shines* pen-name. Any ideas? POST A COMMENT! *desperate-looking eyes*

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  1. kurang ngerti pointnya apa.wehehe..yg bersangkutan ma kls lbh enak B)-Rs