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Rabu, April 10, 2013



As if playing Achtung at school is not enough, I drooled over another game. Surely, the devil-gamer inside of me is finally show up. She has been hibernating all this time, and wake up after sensing that the holy internet is back. Hihihi...

Let me introduce you to the modern version of Monopoly that are derived from Korea and translated to Indonesia: Modoo Marble!


Ha ha HA!

This particular game has successfully steal my attention and also my likes for 'transformice'. Not to mention that I stayed up late to enjoy the tension of the round. -_-

"Ya ampun..."

I really really likeD transformice. But the new transformice I played is way too hard and makes me grumpy. I often kick the ground, pull my hair, slap the table, and scream the monitor because of the frustration of not getting the cheese and being a noob shaman. (noob=no hope) It sucks.  It used to be a cute game, seeing the mice running and dancing. But now, it's like seeing an noob mouse that can't even jumping. =_=



Back to the Marble

When I first played it, my luck drained drastically. I LOST on my first game. Because of that, I thought, "What the heck is this game?" . I won't lost, totally. -0-! So I played it again and fortunately I won! But, that's not all, because I lost again and again. -00-)v Dafuq...

I hated the game in the first place, but. . .

I'd grew to love it because...

I WON 40M =)

//flashback -> the second day I played Modoo Marble

My friends invited me to play in one room. So, I accepted it.
We played 'team' type where I joined Alien's team (the red team; I got pink color >w<)//) Our opponent were SevenEleven and TelurDadar (the blue team).

The 20-minute round started and we consecutively took turn to toss the dice. Buying all the property we landed, we were faced with board that was now filled with landmark and dangerous property that could make you bite your finger. /(=oo=)\ (Because the rent cost is ... as high as Twin Tower)

But fortunately Heaven.. ...

Luck began to shower in my part...

Ahead of my character stone, there were lots of blue team's property. Just one pace to their territory, I would be a dead meat. The situation really made me tensed and almost stunned in my chair. But, Heaven sent me a luck-of-the-day packet. It blessed me with protectiveness which continue to help me avoid those scary freaky territory.

And finally... with imaginary cold sweat running down from my forehead, I continued to pass their land and made my way to first place.

I WON!! 10++M! YEAY (//* ^ o ^)//*

Lalala--- *ehem*

We decided to play for the second round...
I'll just keep it short.
My luck was still in my side and we won! (I team with Alien again)

Because of that, my winning rate became 50% -- 8 wins,8 loses. And my marble money rose to 40M! Who the flower that would not like it? HAHAHA! =) Of course, I have become one of the MMS a.k.a. Modoo Marble Society. >w<)/ know.... Sometimes people can ran out of luck and this game is 50% depends on your luck. ( I think the other 50% is depends on your tactic and way to organize #sokide)

My luck had jump out from its place and flew through the imaginary sky of Modoo Marble world, then landed on various place.

But... Don't worry, we can re-charge our marble five times a day so if our money is so darn low, we could re-charge it. :)

HOHOHO! Anyway, I have successfully dragged my sister and her friend to play this "sok unyu" game. \(^oo^)/

Why did I say "sok unyu" if I like the game?
Hmm... You do realize the first word that begin this post right? "Menakjubkan", "Keren!", etc? I rob those words from Modoo Marble. ._.v Try to hear its sound and you will say, "Hah?" It's sound rather cute but... 'something'. My sister found it was sooo disturbing, but after she played it often, it's just nothing. Hahaha. ._.


"Giliran kamu!"


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  1. MENAKJUBKAN !!, hatiku telah diambil ahli .... wkwkwk........