Love Bugged by Solangel

Jumat, Januari 11, 2013

"Our story is incomparable to their future" 
"My love, my life, heartbreak is dangerous."

"Love is like a magic, but magic is an illusion."

Solangel, is a well-known writer in the soompi forums. She had written many stories, which included Conversations Between Us (April Loves Black Coffee), Banana Pancakes, and  The Joy of Being Happy. And Love Bugged is one of them.

In my opinion, Solangel has a great writing skill. Every word you read, kind of hypnotizing you. I love her genre of stories. Three of the stories: CBU, BP, and LB, is about romance in an underground community. I really impressed of her knowledge, like one of her character Boe, she is like a walking Encyclopedia. She looks like she know everything, or maybe she really knows everything, which means she is genius!

Okay, back to the story, Love Bugged. 

This is my own synopsis of Love Bugged, not the official one. 

Kenita HaNeul TamHee is a God. She is different from the other normal girl. She wished she could be normal, and tried to find it. But, God can not live in normal life, right? She struggled. She build her own wall of lies and keep telling lies to everyone. But, nothing is impossible. No matter how strong her lies wall is, it is gonna crushed. And someday, her true lives will be revealed. 
Caring TamHee from behind is Kyung K.Ven. His notion of love is disparate. He loved one and only one, and he could not let it go. Possessive. Yeah, he is possessive one. Ven did anything for TamHee. But, TamHee ... ......
As TamHee ran away, she met Kimauro Seijun or rather be called as Boe. Boe like what I had said, he is a walking Encyclopedia. He knows everything. He also good at fighting. He trained himself so he can be free, like TamHee. But their world is different. Boe is someone that the Angel and Mafia would want him so much.
The two of them, Ven and Boe, seemed to love TamHee. But, TamHee just loved once

Gua tertarik membaca cerita ini ketika gua melihat trailernya. Di trailer tersebut, gua terpesona pada pandangan pertama. 
It's combat. The girl fight. They fight. The boy is cool. They both are cool. Or... the three of them are cool. 
Itulah yang gua pikirkan ketika gua melihat trailernya. 

Dan gua pun mulai meng-copy cerita itu kedalam notepad. 

Gua membaca cerita itu setelah gua membaca Wedding Wrecker. Gua membaca LoveBugged di Surabaya. 

Seperti yang sudah gua bilang, cerita itu belum selesai. Sekarang baru saja sampai ke chapter 23 dari 40.

But, I would said that the story is really daebak!!!

(but only on Amazon, hiks)
If you would like to buy, then here I provide the link: 

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