Minggu, Juli 26, 2015

This is one good read...
Yeah, it's quoted.

"But moments ago, I opened one of my book, Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. It was my first English-written book that I bought. And shit I was an idiot. The book opened my mind.

The real enemy is yourself. It's the worst thing, you have to face 'him/her' almost every time you do something. Your mind screws your mental. You become crazy, scared, afraid, and lazy. 'He/she' beats you up without laying a single punch.

So how do you beat 'him/her' back?

DO WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO! Don't think about anything else! Just think that you are going to finish the job. Ignore all the pessimistic thinking. Don't waste time! Make a deadline! Make a system! Make it clean!

Eventually your hard work, even if it was only a small job, can satisfy you with a big smile on your face. Your heart will be calm.

I was an idiot enough not to remember what I've read. I am ashamed. But what I will do now is to continue my work and I won't let 'him' beat me up again! EVER!"

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