Fairy Tail

Rabu, Juli 30, 2014

Real post are belowwww! 

It's been awhile since I last updated. You probably know why.

When I got to this new town, many things happened. That's normal, right. However sometimes I thought that all of these are like fairy tail. Like, I have done and seen so many things that I haven't back in my hometown! I can't called it as 'a dream come true' feeling because there are good and bad situation. But, it's more or less like that. LOL. 

Living in here, surely, precisely, making me feel like such a jerk  bitch unhumanly human. Yeah, for some reason, I can be mad of myself. I am super hating myself when I acted out like a ungrateful bitch girl. Don't you ever feel that way? When you are angry out of no reason even though it is your fault. Even to these days, I haven't found the logic on why I feel so boiled up for no damn logical reasons! 

As you may know, I am living under someone's roof. Where I should keep myself and be a good maid girl. I thought I can do that, being a happy-go-lucky, lovable, sociable, all character of innocent girl you will see from dramas. But NO. That's such a BULLSHIT. Such a KIMKIM! That thing isn't for me! I CAN'T be that even when I am TRYING to. That's why I am saying that I feel like such a bitch. Rude, huh? Don't nag me. I hate that. 

From the post I have update so far, I may look like I can be twins. Good girl on the outside, bad girl in the inside. But as I come to realize, both of me are worse. I mean I am both good and bad outside inside. I don't even know what I am now. Maybe I need a psychiatrist to look on me. Geez.

My sis friend said that when I am criticizing someone, my words are as sharp as knife. Cold-blooded. 
Yeah, I admitted, sometimes I don't have the brain to process my words. Most of all, I don't look on the mirror. All the critics seems too much when the matters are so simple. 

This is what I found earlier when I explore instagram: I feel pity for a celebrity who is being picked by netizens. All of their comments are hurtful, and mostly ALAY. It makes me feel like, 'WTF?' Where does the 'You only know my names not my story' quotes that people often use it? I feel like why do you use it when you are the one who act like a jerk? Huh? Sometimes people do something they said they hate it but did not realize it. Like me, for example. 

Is there a cure to that kind of sickness? 


---stop that talk---

So, the real story behind the title is...

I feel like living in a castle with a retired grand queen (is that even exist?), queen and king, three princes, and their maids. The kingdom is rich, and full of love. The king loves his family as does the queen. One of the prince has grown up and are in a relationship with a princess who will be far away from him. While two of the prince are still in the step of learning.

Fairy tail. 

Somehow it feels like a Disney movie. 

Like something that you can stare for a long time and then half-laugh. 

Like a dream. 

It's so different from where I come from. Tragic.

Beautiful, right?


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