Happy Birthday Princess!

Kamis, Mei 22, 2014

Ceritanya gua terinspirasi oleh ellejess.com nih... Wkwkwkw...

For my best friend,
(Princess) @dianamhaa

Hi Di,
I think this is my second time writing a long birthday greetings for you. The first one was when we were in junior school. I sent you a text with so many words in there. Probably that was also the very first time I became a writer. LOL.

Honestly, I felt sorry and felt blessed that you are my friend.

Sorry that sometimes I got so jealous of you and started hating you. Sorry that I was the bitch who think she can be the shit. Sorry that I frequently ignored you and even felt relief that we were not in the same class anymore. Sorry for all my bitches mind. You probably never know how worse I am as the person you called "friend".

But, after all those ten years friendship, I finally realized that without your kepochiang I would never be sane. That's sound ridiculous, huh? But seriously, you are the only one that I can share my pain, my story, and my drama. When everybody else just think about him/herself, you were the only person I can rely on. You were there. And I hope you will be always there for me no matter how I have changed.

Thankyou for being there. Thankyou for sharing my pain. Thankyou for not shutting me out. Thankyou for being my first friend. Thankyou for being my best friend.

Anyway, I just take a test of Dalai Lama, (its link are spreading through socmed) and I was surprised at what the answers are. The test said that you are my twin soul. I guess it is true! We are both Gemini! Well, I will be the devil, the bad one, and you will be the angel, the good one. We are like Yin and Yang. Black and White. Lol.

Hey, I remembered those times when we chatted, and my sister saw that. She said 'God, you guys are like lesbians.' Wkwkwkw.

You already received my present, right? My gift for you is a pillow stating 'Be Happy and Smile'. You said you want happiness so I custom a pillow and sent it for you. I hope you like it even though the outcome are not as I had expected. -__-

Well, as I have already wrote on instagram, I hope you find your mate (And I also hope 'it' is H ahhahah! Cihiy). I hope you can find your happiness, I hope you can have a bright future, I hope you can be the real princess.

Happy Birthday Princess!

With love


(I thought this was gonna be long. But, it is not as long as I first thought)

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