Selasa, April 22, 2014

[First written : 12 April ]

Kata orang, waktu berlalu sangat cepat. Bahkan kamu tidak dapat menyadari seberapa cepatnya waktu berjalan.

Yah, sekarang ini, gua merasa waktu berlalu begitu cepat. Gua bahkan merasa gua sedang berada dalam mimpi yang tampak nyata. Semua yang terjadi di sekeliling gua bagaikan objek hidup yang berjalan terus sementara gua berada di tengah mengamati perubahan mereka. Semuanya terasa bagai mimpi, tidak nyata, bohong, sekedar april fools. Bahkan kalau gua bangun dan semuanya berubah, gua akan mempercayai bahwa selama ini gua cuma tidur dan mimpi panjang. Karena ini semua terasa seperti khayalan!

Sebentar lagi gua akan tamat SMA 3. (amin), kuliah, mencari kerja, lalu mencari jodoh.

Apa jadinya dengan masa-masa SMA gua yang rasanya lewat begitu cepat dan tak ada arti mendalam?

Gua cukup mong gara-gara hari terakhir sekolah, gua merasa ada yang kurang. Hari terakhir sekolah SMA 3 bahkan tidak lebih bermakna daripada hari terakhir sekolah SMA 1. Ketika di ujung SMA 1 gua sempat menangis karena hendak meninggalkan teman SD ke kelas yang baru, gua bahkan tidak menangis saat SMA 3. Waktu dua tahun yang gua lewatkan bersama mereka memang berharga bagi gua, tapi entah mengapa gua gak menangis. Padahal Seunggi bisa menangis.

Ada dua teori yang mungkin menjelaskan kenapa gua gak nangis.

Pertama, gua gak nangis tandanya gua akan selalu bersama mereka, selalu berteman dengan mereka dan ketika bersama mereka gua gak akan merasa awkward. Sewaktu SMA 1 gua nangis, karena gua tidak akan sekelas lagi dengan teman-teman SD gua. Lalu setelah SMA 2, jarak kami makin lama makin menjauh, dan kini benar saja, gua sedikit merasa awkward bertemu dengan mereka.

Bukan cuma itu yang membuat gua memikirkan teori ini. Setiap kali barang gua tidak ditemukan, gua selalu merasa biasa-biasa aja. Gak khawatir sampai "OHTIDAKKKKKKKENAPAINITERJADI!" Kalau gua gak khawatir barang gua hilang, itu sering kali berarti bahwa barang gua akan ditemukan cepat atau lambat. Gua merasa gua gak nangis, karena gua tau our friendship will never fade.

Kedua, teori yang paling nonsense. Gua merasa gua bakal tidak lulus dan tetap menjalani masa SMA3. Seperti yang gua bilang sebelumnya, "Kalau gua gak khawatir barang gua hilang, itu sering kali berarti bahwa barang gua akan ditemukan cepat atau lambat". Gua mungkin saja tidak menangis meninggalkan masa-masa SMA karena mungkin gua masih tetap menjalaninya. Tapi, tentu saja gua gak mau hal ini terjadi. Siapa pula yang mau tidak lulus? Semacam orang tolol saja.

Gua sendiri lebih berpihak pada teori pertama, itu lebih positif, dan lebih hopeful.


[Editing 20 April]

Masih ingat ketika gua bilang gua gak nangis sewaktu hari terakhir kelas duabelas?

Well, gua akhirnya nangis juga.

There is this one girl, who love gay which is actually a bit weird to me, but she always make it seems normal to like gay. Dia merupakan cewek terandom yang pernah gua temui dan sejujurnya cewek yang beda dari yang lain. Kadang dia bisa cengengesan gak jelas, agak gila, suara semacam kucing kejepit (tapi enak didengar sih), bibir bebek, galaugalaugalaugalogalo, suka vibrate dan TYPOMASTER! Anakterompet merupakan salah seorang teman gua yang ... bikin gua salut.

Gua kenal Anakterompet dari CL, seatmate-nya. I spent almost two years with her, but two years are enough for me to dwell in sorrow because she is going to study abroad in Singapore.

When it was two days before her flight, we went out together with FUNRUN's friend. Some can't join (especially Seunggi who log out her LINE account and didn't know what happen between us) and some won't join. We went to Matador and spent the days by talking, playing and some leaking-secret-part.

One days before her flight, we went to Happy Vizta. We planned to shower her with eggs, flour, sprite and stuff, but unfortunately, she had just smoothing her hair. We can't possibly ruin her new ayambotakseng hairstyle, can we? LOL. Then we sang, scream, and shout and let it out loud. My voice was almost broken because I screamed too much.

I remembered clearly that when I sang Na Xie Nian (A soundtrack from 'You are the Apple of My Eye' movie), CL shed tears. Seeing her cried, I also want to cry. I also want to tear down.

After we sang, I asked Penguin if we could make videos. And she said yes. So I took some when they sang LET IT GO!!!!!!! (Videos will be upload soon when I have finished edited it) After our karaoke hour had end, it was time to say goodbye to Anakterompet.

Imyoonho was the first one to take the mic and speech. He was once a vice monitor. He said stuffs I don't quite remember. Everybody in the room take turn. When it came to me, I don't know what to say, how to act, because I can't stand it. Because I was blurting random thing, Anakterompet approached me and asked, "Kenapa kamu grogi liat aku?" And then I cried. I lost it. I can't bear it. I was down. This is a painful goodbye.

After all the moody moody atmosphere and taking film ended, we hug each other, went out, took some photos, ngok-ly stood outside Happy Vizta talking stuff, and then finally said goodbye. ( I mean CL, Seveneleven, and Chillicrab said goodbye because they left first)

We on the other hand (me, GD, Anakterompet, Ahligizi, Imyoonho, pete, sunghajung, penguin) went for another trip. We went to Penguin's place first, drinking some water because our throat were dry. We chitchat random stuff again in her house. After God know how long we stayed there, we finally pick our butt to go out and find foods. As Ahligizi turned the wheel and we went circling CemaraAsri, sunghajung told us to eat instant noodles. And we did. We bought some ramyun and coke from mini market then cooked it in Penguin's home. Then, we chat over again, mostly about our UN or National Exam. How ridiculous the teacher were, and just how funny the student reacted. Well, I didn't talk much, because I don't have much funny experience during exam. (I have if watching the teacher grep female students intensely was a funny one -_- or hiding the cheat paper on your hidden places was. But Dude, it's not even hilarious) We went home around nine. Fortunately, Ahligizi could brought me home. :')

It was such a fun day. And also a stressful day. Because I went around with my messy hair, smelly body, and dirty crocs. Bzz... It was so stressful. But, fun! LOL.

I'll look forward another in-town getaway like this. . . :)

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