Happy New Year 2014!

Rabu, Januari 01, 2014

Much love ♥

Untuk kalian semua dimanapun anda berada...
Selamat tahun baru 2014!!


I definitely adore the time I spent for this new year 2014.

Gua merayakan hari tahun baru bersama teman SEALNet gua. You might think that I was so freaking addicted to SEALNet that I even spent my new year with them. But actually, no one from my current and previous class invite me to a party. Maybe they were so busy spending holidays in another foreign country or... I wouldn't want to say the latter.

So, almost like what everyone did, we held a BBQ party on Elvira's home (fyi, she is the president of SEALnet) Unfortunately, there were only me, Elvira, Modelano, Baganmie, Ray, Budi, and Jacketman from SEALNet attended the party. That's only 7 out of 19 members of SEALNet. The rest were Seboi, Evelyn, and Winnie.

I was responsible for bringing barbeque equipment and buying marshmallow which is a little hard to do because I can't find the marshmallow they wanted, a large bag with a penguin in skyblue background. Instead, I bought a small bag of plain marshmallow. 

Before we actually had party, some SEALNet's mentors (me, Elvira, Monkey, baganmie, Modelano) had to do some survey on Royal Sumatra. We are going to make an outdoor activity and thinking Royal Sumatera might be a good battlefield. But, as we met and talk to the responsible person personally, we found it a bit awkward to really use that place. So, rumor had it that we are going to use beach instead.

I honestly thought we were going to stay in Elvira's home for the rest of the night after we went back from survey, but I think I was a little bit excited? Wew. Because we ended up finishing the survey at 2! (The bbq start at 9PM) Things happened and I found myself sitting inside Monkey's house. I had to wait Elvira went back home from shopping so Monkey lent me his place for a while. I know I should just go home and rest. Because the things happened next is like choking me to hell-like akwardness.

Why Monkey took me in? Because his friends were also visiting his house to watch some scary movies. I walked inside his home and met a girl I had already met. It wasn't that awkward cause I manage to say Hello to her. The thing is when we went upstair and his friends started to come one by one. I wasn't sure if I give a sincere smile or not but I was sure they were feeling really awkward with me. You know, the room we were in have two sofas, one in the left and one in the right. The sofas are separated with a small coffee table between it. I was sitting alone in the right sofa while ALL of his friends were squeezing on the left sofa. They didn't even cross the imaginary line drawn from the coffee table to the TV in front of us. Feeling awkward, I could only played my handphone as if it was full of notifications. Beat me, I have none.

The 'horror' movie they watched was indeed the weirdest film I have ever watched. The opening of the film displayed a boy around his thirteenth watching a weird crunchy film. It was a teenage boy saying some stuff and then touching the girl's intimate section. It was a like pick-up-lines but I felt disgusted somehow. The movie tells a family who recently moved in a house. Apparently, they started to feel paranormal activities going around their house and their youngest boy was experiencing abnormal things.  The movie brought you a goosebumps, creepy feeling, for a little while. But you know what? The more you see the more it ridicules you for the paranormal activities they had experienced weren't from ghosts but ...aliens. Epic. . .

After watching that weird movie (luckily it made me take a nap), we went on our separate ways. hahah... I didn't say goodbye to his friends... hahhaha... hahahah... *keteplak*

Then, I went to Elvira's place watching some Running Man, going back and forth, taking a shower, reading comics until our BBQ friends came.

The girls prepared sausage-chickenball satay, pig satay, chicken satay, and passionfruit (markisa) juice while the boys cleaned up rooftop. When all the preparation finished, we took it upstairs. The boys lighted up the fire.

I was extremely hungry at that point cause I haven't eat dinner. I ate french fries every free time I got. (There were some stuffs that aren't prepared, so we weren't that free) I really wish I can gain more weight. That night, I was eating non-stop, from chicken  satay, pork satay, sausage-bakso satay, french fries, chicken nugget, fried chicken to fruit. The next morning I ate one bowl of raymun, some chicken nugget and drink milo, it caused my stomach too full-loaded.

The midnight party we held was full of entertainment even when we didn't prepared any of it. There's loud dangdut karaoke played as our background music and thousands of fireworks surrounding us as to satisfy our eyes. Around five minutes before 12AM, we stood up to enjoy the night scenery. Fireworks were beautifully lighted up in everywhere, right, left, front, back, diagonal, vertical, horizontal. The scenery was so beautiful I flattered. #ouch The fact that we watched it together made me adore that moment a lot.

And then,


The countdown began.

"5...4...3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRRR!"

We shook each other hands as new year greetings. (I'm not included actually cause I only shook Elvira's hand)

Ray moved forward and held up his glass of passionfruit juice. There he said, "For SEALNet!!"

We tossed, cheered, clanked each other's glass.

After enjoying the countless fireworks, we sat back around the fireplace and continued our Saranghae Game. It was a game we knew from Family Outing, a Korean variety shows hosted by YooJaeSuk. The game's rule is to not laugh when a person said he/she loves you. You can accept and forward the word I-love-you to another person or reject the confession. If you end up bursting our laughter, then you lost.

We played it only a couple of sessions because they thought it was boring. FYI, we were seating circle: Elvira, Evelyn, me, Jacketman, Ray, Modelano, Baganmie, Budi, Arri (?), Winny, Seboi then back again to Elvira. Maybe because we sat like two groups: boy and girl. I couldn't imagine if we continue the game while the position was switched.

The next game we played was Question Timer. I don't know what is the game name so I randomly picked one. We played it around three times. Just a short time because Budi, Arri (Budi's younger brother) already went home.

After that, we told ghost stories. But we only shared three stories for they changed the topics to another chitchat sessions.

Ray was already went home.

Feeling exhausted, I didn't pay much attention to them. I cared munching some fruits and sometimes joined their talk.

I looked up the night skies and feel disappointed for I spot no stars. Fanfic had those moments when their characters go to rooftop to see the stars. But reality doesn't have those. Ugh...

We cleaned up the mess and went downstair to get some rest. We washed our face, brushed our teeth, changed our cloth and went inside bedroom. I meant the girl. The poor guy remained outside, sleeping on the cold floor. No no, they slept with a mat on. We, the girls, slept on Elvira's bedroom. She and I unfortunately had to sleep on the wooden floor while Seboi, Winnie and Evelyn got to sleep on the bed.

The next morning, my butt ache. Wew. I was also annoyed by the countless alarm Elvira's tab made. When Seboi and Winnie left their bed to bathroom, I got up and slept on their bed. It was super nice. Meanwhile, Evelyn was safe and sound on her one-size bed.

After sleeping awhile, Seboi and Winnie came back so I grabbed my things and took morning shower.

We just hanging around waiting for everybody to wake up and get washed.
Jacketman was already left. He didn't even say goodbye to us and just swish, disappeared. I don't know what is wrong with that man. He always put his jacket and hat on, even when he's supposed to be sleep.

When we were all ready, one person is still sleeping ever so calmly. She is no other than our host, Elvira. Her dad woke her up. We went down when she got up and told us she had already made milo. We drank the milo. When Elvira got back, she asked us if we want to eat ramyun. So I said yes, and everybody said no. Good.

Elvira is a really cool girl, she can cook!

When she cooked the ramyun, she added many ingredients to it. She cut onion, garlic, chili, then put them inside the pot. Then she added some ketchup, soy sauce, pepper and egg. The broth was super mouthwatering.

I ate them all. One bowl.

Nah, just kidding. I asked them to eat too, but they just ate a bit. So I ate them all by myself.

Then elvira made a another ramyun, fried one. When she made this, almost everyone got up and took the noodle. What's that meannn?


One by one, we left.

And my new year story on 2013/2014 ended just like that.

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