Dare me Questions

Minggu, September 29, 2013

So, firstly I know this website from one of my friend, but I ignored just a few second after I opened it. And then, my other friend was also using this website, I started to think maybe I should do this too! Ha ha haaaaa~

LGI. Let's get it. Let's go!

Open this link: http://ask.fm/aliceolice and ask me a question or more. I'll answer it asap, if I remember.


4LaY Ph0To5 Ev3ryWhe12E


Ermergeeerrddd She's Here! OUCH!



You think I'm a what?!

Hahahaha I took those photos almost one or two weeks ago. Yeah, I like doing some out-of-mind photo and sometimes embarrassed myself. But hell yeah, whatever! I think it's cute. . . . . . . isn't it...? HOHO.

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