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Kamis, April 18, 2013

Hey, hey. Sudah ada beberapa quote dari Banana Pancakes yang gua pakai di tulisan-tulisan sebelumnya. Sebenarnya gua ingin membuat video trailer untuk Banana Pancakes, tapi tidak jadi. Alasan? Males, as simple as that.

Karena gua sudah mengoleksi beberapa kalimat yang sebenarnya ingin dijadikan sebagai video tapi kemudian terlantar, gua masukin aja disini.

Anyways. . .
Banana Pancakes is a story written by Solangel.

It's a story about a Korean-high-school-super-model Kim Suvy and a troublemaker boy named Lee DongMin. They have been friends for 13 years, there're long story that decorate their 13-year togetherness. At one point, the two didn't realize that they are in love with each other until some drama hit them and create another drama for them to star. . .


"Please come back and save me before it’s too late – before I can’t see. Before all the colors in my world blend together and fade . . . .” 

Why can’t it just be easy? If you like someone, you tell them. If you don’t like someone, you tell them. If you want to be with someone, be with them. If you don’t want to be with someone, don’t be with them! Why does it have to be so complicated? Isn’t love – or something like it – between just two people? You say you like me, you say you want to be with me, so why do you include all these other people around us?! Isn’t this, whatever it is, just between us?! Why can’t we just -” I lost my words at the crack of my voice.
Why - why was this so hard? Why was it so hard for us to just confess our true feelings? Forcing a smile on my face, I replied, “I’m still your best friend.”

Whenever you’re not here, my world doesn’t make sense

DongMin, do you know that tomorrow is the anniversary of when we met? Making it our 13th year? I hope you remember. Because I’m going to forget.  

“Sometimes, I wish I could hurt DongMin the way he hurts me. I want him to understand that he sells me out – sells my feelings out – so that he could just live his life the way he wants to. And how that hurts me; how it hurts me a lot,” I continued in a soft tone, looking at my apple juice bottle,. “I don’t know why I keep waiting for him to change – why I keep hoping that – that’ll he take the initiative and stick it with for once. I don’t know how long I’m going to keep up with him.” 

Dragon & DongMin.
Dragon is dependable.
DongMin is not dependable.
Dragon would never disappear without a word.
DongMin disappeared without a word.
Dragon says what he means and means it.
DongMin doesn’t say what he means - much less means it.
Dragon would never say one thing and do the other.
Dongmin said one thing and did the other.
Dongmin hurts me
Dragon doesn’t.
I love Dragon – as a person.
But I am in love with DongMin.

I forced myself to not care.
I forced myself to not feel angry.
I forced myself to not feel hurt.
I forced myself to not cry.

You’re suppose to say one thing, but you say the other.
You’re suppose to act one way, but you act the other.
This is the only way I know how to explain Lee DongMin’s erratic behavior.
DongMin just had to show off and play hero because he never thinks about his actions.
My point is DongMin was a ten-year-old jerk and now that he’s older, he’s become a veteran jerk.

He writes his own drama scripts and stars in it.

“Are you two finally dating?” Micky’s lips parted in a smile that I couldn’t quite read.

I could get the ‘old t-shirt got washed’ new feeling, but I could never get the, ‘I like you for the very first time’ feeling. Why?
Because there’s also the psychological side to feelings. It’s called reciprocity. You automatically feel as though you should like the person that likes you. That’s why it takes a strong individual to break away from that and discover their true feelings. 

At first, I didn’t know what hit my face. I had no clue what closed my lips and smoothly glided across them.
Wiping the places his lips had touched on mine – still tasting like banana pancakes. 

I distinctively heard him say, “I would've wanted some Banana Pancakes for my birthday present.

Right then and there - I know for a fact that we will always be Banana Pancakes despite everything. 

It is neither a fond or hated memory. Yet, on the good days, I don’t remember. And on bad days, I do. I remember all of it in its entirety tightly pinned behind a picture frame permanently nailed to the walls of my mind. I should erase the pieces, but I choose to let it live inside because I will be able to play, replay, and pause those moments at my will. 

“How are we supposed to hope that things will get better when everything is so hopeless right now?”

“FUCK YOU!” I screamed at him. “God DongMin! 13-years! It took us 13-years to get to where we are. Just because of what Fu-Ten did – are you going to let me walk away when I don’t want to? "

"I wanna cry, I wanna scream. But don’t push me away, I need you just as much as you need me,” I told DongMin. 

But I won’t lie.
There are still days where I will cry.
There are still days where I am thankful.
There are still days when I will remember

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